In addition to education regarding best practices in the cleaning industry, New System offers onsite hands-on training when new products and equipment are acquired. This training support is one of the three key areas to steady your department.


We want your staff to know how to use the new tools they are provided with.  The staff needs to know:

  1. Why did we change to this new way of doing things?
  2. Why is it better than what we were doing?
  3. How should I use this product?
  4. What are the benefits to me, the building , and my company?
  5. What long-term benefits will I enjoy?

In addition to these onsite programs, we offer seminars, trade shows, equipment rodeos, and other events to further instruct you and your staff.  These events help to keep you abreast of new innovations in the cleaning industry.  When these events are scheduled, you can access information about them by clicking on the “What’s New” menu above and then select “Events.” Here are a few photos from our most recent Equipment Show: