What is Green/EHS?

Air quality and surface hygiene , have a profound effect on the health of the individuals who use buildings. We spend more than 80% of our time indoors. Our lives are greatly impacted by these factors. We address these important areas by what is known as, “Environmental Health Services” (EHS).

New System is the only EHS certified distributor of certification education programs and products in our service area. We understand and teach these processes.

EHS is the way a facility is maintained through services, which have been certified as implementing environmental health policies, utilizing monitoring and reporting practices. Such positive attributes promote the improvement of environmental health, while encouraging the use of healthy technologies and best practices. Recognized EHS programs have taken a leading role in developing and suggesting new areas of policy for improved indoor air quality and hygiene of buildings.

Over 33% of a community’s population, pass through educational facilities each day. Together we can help impact healthier indoor environments for these schools. At New System it is our goal to provide a means of continued progress, that will serve your facility well as you strive to attain these progressive levels of health. We offer professional education and certification of these programs through an international certification firm, GCI (Green Clean Institute) which is accredited by FAL (Foundation for Accredited Learning).

The procedures used and the way products are evaluated, must be updated to first meet the requirements of health, and not simply how clean a surface looks. We invite you to join a growing number of New System clients who have embraced having their staff certified in EHS best practices.

Here are just a few:

RollaRolla Public Schools

“All Rolla Public Schools facility lead custodial staff has started using the GCI 180 Best Practice Standards worksheet, using it as a guide for our cleaning for health programs….”  Rolla Public School (See letter)

rewardsColumbia Public Schools

“The Green Clean Institute has provided our custodial staff with extensive knowledge of “green cleaning” that we were not able to provide on our own….”  Columbia Public Schools (See letter)

greencleanprogramNew Franklin Public Schools

Listen to the staff and school administration talk about how the processes of certified EHS have impacted their school. To learn more about a professional “Green Program”, watch the MSBA series of webinars.

columbiaCity of Columbia

City is first Missouri municipality certified in green cleaning. Click on picture to read about this accomplishment.



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