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For more than 40 years, New System has helped clients’ bottom line and facilities shine by providing the absolute best in janitorial and maintenance supply products.

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New System understands the challenges faced by building service contractors – the need for training and improved labor productivity, increasing pressure on margins and the challenges of retaining customers – just to name a few. New System will not only help grow your business, but grow it more profitably. Here is just a sample of what we have to offer BSCs.

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New System works closely with many in the education sector, particularly K-12, but colleges and universities also. We are aware of issues unique to the education market. Issues like:

    • staffingStaffing
      All schools are being asked to do more with less staff. This poses many challenges. New System can assist you in analyzing your buildings with work loading software to be sure you are using your staff in the correct way.

Green Cleaning
Illinois requires green cleaning in schools, and Missouri strongly recommends it. Both states have issued guidelines to help you build a green cleaning (healthy cleaning) program. We have worked with many school districts with success. Three of our education customers have been recognized nationally by American School and University magazine for their green cleaning programs. Others have experienced better attendance records due to having healthier schools! If you would like to strive for healthier schools, let us help you.
Columbia Public Schools
Rolla Public Schools
Parkway Schools

Missouri Green Cleaning Guidelines

Missouri Green Cleaning Guidelines

Illinois Green Cleaning Guidelines

Illinois Green Cleaning Guidelines


  • Certification
    certificationDon’t you expect teachers, school nurses, administrators, and even bus drivers, to have a recognized certification to do their jobs?

    What about the custodians who are responsible for the health and well-being of students, staff, administrators, and members of the community that enter our schools on a daily basis? Many school districts have recognized the benefits of having their staff certified in the best practices of healthy cleaning. New System is certified to teach these certification classes. We can do this on site, or in our training room at our headquarters in Earth City.

  • equipmentEquipment
    Keep schools clean with a reduced staff is a challenge. One way to help get things done is by upgrading your equipment to accomplish more and better work in a shorter period of time. Your New System representative is happy to bring equipment to your facility to demonstrate how this is accomplished.
  • InventoryInventory reduction
    How would you like to clean and sanitize 90% of all surfaces in your school with one concentrated product diluted two ways? Have we got the program for you! And, it is green too!
  • appearanceAppearance
    Shiney floors and clean restrooms say a lot about how clean your school is. We offer new floor finishes with Nano technology, others with built in scuff resistance, pads for stripping you floors without chemicals, and much more. How about touchless restroom cleaning? We have the solution for that too. Physically remove the soil from the restroom along with the bacteria, and don’t touch anything! Ask us.
  • restroomsRestrooms
    Touch-free towel and tissue dispenser programs are available from New System. Manual push and touch-free soap dispensers too. Adding these programs to your clean restrooms elevates them to whole other level.
  • Wood Floors
    wood floorsWhether you use oil-modified finishes or water-based urethanes, we have the finish for you. Gym finishes from Essential Industries are some of the most widely used in wood floor care. With Essential’s Sport Kote, two people can scrub and recoat your typical gym floor in five hours or less. That floor is ready to play on in 24 hours! Low odors, low VOC’s, high solids, make this finish the premium of the industry. It may also be burnished to restore the initial gloss.You don’t feel comfortable recoating your wood floors? Just call us. We have a staff that will take care of the labor and materials for you.

As cleaning budgets and staff continue to be trimmed, many have found the only way to keep up is by adding equipment to make your cleaning faster and more efficient. We carry several brands of equipment with a focus on applying the correct piece of equipment to the job at hand. Often we can find a unit that will allow you to accomplish several goals with one piece of equipment!
Brands include:


It has been said that knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

Yes, head knowledge is one thing, but putting it to good practical use is wise and important.

At New System, we want to impart knowledge regarding our industry to you and your staff. We enjoy sharing what we have learned, and sharing with our customers is important to us.

You will notice the concept of knowledge, education, learning, training, and certification mentioned throughout our website. In the janitorial business, whether we are an in-house department, or an outside contractor, procedure is usually just as important as products and equipment. New System strives to provide an excellent lineup of products, a reliable choice of equipment, and the proper procedures to make them work for you.

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