Pro-Link’s Full Cycle® floor pad line now holds Green Seal’s GS-20 Certification for Environmental Innovation and Product Performance! This certification acknowledges that Pro-Link Full Cycle® pads exhibit both environmental innovation and performance equal to or better than competitive products.

Our new floor pad Green Seal certification validates both innovation and sustainability advantages for our customers:

Made with 100% recycled PET and natural fibers.

  • Made with water based latex, avoiding phenolic based resins.
  • In a controlled test simulating landfill conditions, results showed that Pro-Link pads biodegraded 92.5% over a time span of 616 days.
  • End-of-life instructions are provided to market for disposing of used pads to landfills with methane-to-energy collection systems where facilities exist.
  • Demonstrated performance equal to, and in some cases, superior to that of competitive products available in the market.

All orders for Pro-Link Green Seal certified floor pads will soon be shipped with case labels proudly displaying the Green Seal certified logo.