OSHA has directed that all chemical product labeling now meet up to the standards used in the rest of the countries of our planet. This standard is called the Global Harmonized System (GHS).  Beginning June 1 manufacturers will provide new labeling on their products with the GHS information incorporated into the label.  Distributors have until December 1 to move all old label products out of their warehouse and begin shipping the products with the new labels.  Thus, beginning June 1 and through December 1, you will begin to see new product labels in your shipments from New System.

As part of this new standard, all information sheets formerly know as MSDS will now be called SDS (Safety Data Sheets). These new SDS sheets are available as of June 1.

Please bear with us as we work with our suppliers to comply with these new standards.  If you have any questions about how all of this change affects you, please consult with your New System representative.

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