Betco® FiberPRO® 8 Carpet Extractor - 8 Gal.

Effectively cleans all types of carpeting. The simple design makes training easy and reduces operator fatigue. 10" non-marking wheels. Cleaning path: 15"; Brush: 15" nylon; Waterlift: 117". Brush motor: 0.33 HP; Vac motor: 1.0 HP, 3-stage. Solution Pump: 100 PSI; Power: 115 Volt AC; Cord: 50'.  ea
Manufacturer #87304

Karcher® BRC 46/76W Self Contained Extractor

Offers superior cleaning performance and innovative technology in durable, easy-to-use design. Self-propelled design for operator productivity. Vacuum motor: 3 stage, bypass, 1.5 hp. Air flow rate: 100 cfm; Waterlift: 120";. Solution pump: 100 psi; Solution/Recovery tank: 20/20 gal.  ea
Manufacturer #10086490

Karcher® BRC 30/15C Self Contained Extractor

Offers superior cleaning performance and innovative technology in durable, easy-to-use design. Brush assist drive system. Floating brush deck. Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp. Air flow rate: 100 cfm; Waterlift: 100";. Solution pump: 58 psi; Solution/Recovery tank: 4/4.5 gal.  ea
Manufacturer #10080580

Karcher® BRC 46/38C Self-Contained Carpet Extractor - 18"

Medium size extractor will accommodate different operator heights via an adjustable control handle. Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp 3-stage bypass. Air flow: 100 CFM; Waterlift: 117". Power cord: 50' grounded plug; Solution Pump: 100 psi.  ea
Manufacturer #10080540

Tornado® Marathon Room-Mate Carpet Extractor

Effortless operation and maximum productivity with tank-less operation. Recovery tank: 13 gal.; Cord: 20', 14/3 yellow. Solution hose: 50' L; Peak airwatts: 673; PSI: 220. Vacuum motor: Airwatt; Tank construction: Roto-mold.  ea
Manufacturer #98262

CFR® Cascade Self-Propelled Extractor - 25 Gal.

Not only does it clean more square feet per hour than any other mid-size extractor, it also removes more soil from the carpet. 3-stage vacuum motor. 130" waterlift, 92 CFM, 400 max psi. 24" W x 43" H x 45" L; Power cord: pigtail/75'.  ea
Manufacturer #10416A

CFR® ECO-500AW Recycling Extractor - 10 Gal., Complete

Portable upright extractors equip carpet cleaning professionals with all of the tools required to achieve contractor-grade, deep-cleaning results. These ten-gallon workhorses are designed to meet a multitude of cleaning demands, and are equipped with all-new advanced technology, high-efficiency air-watt motors for increased cleaning performance. Provides superior flexibility for smaller spaces, portability, and tackles virtually any cleaning task including restorative carpet care, stairs, upholstery, fabric office partitions, and even hard surfaces with grouted tile. With convenient, cost-effective, disposable filters, it is perfect for cleaning crews on the go. Unique rapid recovery process controls moisture, sprays, cleans and recovers all in one step. Electric heater: 110V 1650W; Pump motor: 1/4 HP DC. Vac motor: Single, 6.6 dia AW; Peak Airwatts: 673. CFM: 141; Power Cord: Two 25' detachable.  ea
Manufacturer #10468C-K

CFR® Pro 500 Extractor - 13 Gal., w/Tool Kit

CFR's solution control technology enables the user to clean all types of fabrics without the worry of over wetting. 29" x 41" x 22", 1.35 GPM. 2-2 stages vac motor. 101 CFM, 150" waterlift, Wand, 33' hose, hand tool.  ea
Manufacturer #10431A-FR

Host® Freestyle® ExtractorVAC®

Self-propelled, gliding action. So easy, anyone can use it! Portable! Separates for transport. Wheeled storage tray rolls easily from job to job. Retrofit kit available for T6 HOST machines. This unique machine separates without tools into different components-flexibility which allows the Freestyle to adapt to a variety of jobs. 15.5" W x 15" D x 42" H.  ea
Manufacturer #E8

Host® Liberator® ExtractorVAC®

The HOST Extractor VAC™ Liberator frees you from time-wasting trips to the janitor's closet for vacuums, spotters, carpet cleaning machines and pile lifters. Dimensions: 17" W x 13"D x 38" H. Shipping weight approximately 81 pounds. Includes brushes of choice & mounting bars for Caddy Packs.  ea
Manufacturer #EVM

Host® Reliant® Extractor - 12"

An excellent starter machine. Superior for small cleaning jobs. Ideal for cleaning carpeted stairs. Excellent for cleaning grouted tile floors. 40', 16 gauge, 3-wire grounded, non-marring power cord. 15.5" W x 12" D x 42" H, weight in use: 32 lbs. 120 volt, 60 hz, 5.5 amp, 9000 rpm drive motor.  ea
Manufacturer #T5

Tornado® Marathon 2000 Carpet Extractor

Rugged intelligent design, setting new standards for carpet extractors. 1-3 stage vacuum motor. Solution/recovery tank: 20 gal./20 gal.  ea
Manufacturer #98190

Tornado® Marathon 800 & 1200 Portable Extractors

These brush-assisted units lay solution in the carpet, agitate with a cleaning brush, and vacuum-recover the resulting dirty water thoroughly in one pass. Versatile and easy to use - Whether used in an office or classroom, hallway or lobby, the marathon 800 and 1200 leave behind clean carpets. These units were designed with ease of use in mind and is an operator favorite. Power: 115V/60 Hz. 36" H x 20" W x 38.5" D. 2 HP vac motor. 99 cfm; 117" static water lift.

Tornado® Marathon Carpetrinser Upright Extractors

Whether you're a certified carpet technician or a carpet cleaning specialist, you will appreciate the features of Tornado's® complete line of professional grade portable carpet extractors designed for daily, interim or deep restoration cleaning. Available in 100 p.s.i. without heat, 200 p.s.i. with heat and 400 p.s.i. with Perfect Heat, you can clean everything from heavily soiled carpets to drapes and upholstery. All models are lightweight with a low center-of-gravity bladder system and include user-friendly, waist high control switches to accommodate operators of all sizes. Constructed of durable rotationally molded polyethylene, this unit reflects Tornado's commitment to design standards that will endure the rigors of daily use. Dual 2-stage 1.6 hp motor. Pump protection filters.

Tornado® Mini-Marathon 425 Carpet Extractor - 13"

Quiet, lightweight self-contained carpet extractor. Clean small areas faster and easier. High performance 2-stage, 1.6 hp vacuum motor. 4.25 solution tank with large fill area. 4 gallon recovery tank, perfect for cleaning small areas. 112 cfm, 107" water lift, 60 psi pump, 20' extension cord.  ea
Manufacturer #98150

US Products King Cobra KC-500 Carpet Extractor - 500 psi

These large capacity 16-gallon hot water extractors offer longer run times than traditional extractors and reduced labor costs. 7.2", 3-stage soft start vac. Electronic vac shutoff. Pump: Positive displacement, fully adjustable 0-500 psi.  ea
Manufacturer #KC-500

US Products King Cobra® 1200 PRO Extractor

The dual surface extractor has two separate systems and does the job of two separate machines in one convenient portable package. 7.2", 3-Stage Vacuum. Foot operated valve for easy priming. 50 feet of 12/3 electrical cord.  ea
Manufacturer #KC1200PRO

US Products King Cobra® KC-1200CSW Hot Water Extractor

Exclusive dual-surface design that significantly increases the cleaning capability of the user. Built-in 25' hose reel. CSW-12/HFT-40. Auto-fill, power priming, chemical metering, auto-dumping. 7.2" 3-stage vacuum, 140" waterlift, ball & float shut-off. 25' high pressure solution line and crushproof vacuum hose.  ea
Manufacturer #KC-1200CSW