Ice Melter


Athea® Total Solutions® Liquid Ice Melt - 5 Gal.

Liquid Ice Melt's non-corrosive Glycol-based formula penetrates quickly to dissolve frost, snow and ice accumulations from a wide variety of surfaces. It can also be used as a pre-treat to storms to prevent accumulation. It is an ideal alternative to harmful pellets, won't leave a residue on floors, and is effective in temperatures as low as -60F.  ea
Manufacturer #275-5

Ossian Triple Melt® Ice Melter - 5 Gal. Dense Pak

Applied to sidewalks and traffic areas prior to a storm, prevents the bonding of snow and ice to your concrete. Will melt light snows on contact. Sodium chloride, Degraded sugar beet extract, Calcium chloride.  ea
Manufacturer #LQ6405TM

Ossian Peladow Ice Melter - 50 lb.

Capable of melting -25 degrees below zero. For safer sidewalks and steps you can't beat Peladow Premier Snow and Ice Melter. In order for any deicer to work, it must become a solution. The solution provides the deicing action, not the solid material. Peladow works fast because it attracts moisture from its surroundings, and quickly turns into a solution. Peladow gives off heat while dissolving, which speeds the melting process.  ea
Manufacturer #PELADOW50

Ossian Titan® Ice Melter - 50 lb. Bag

Formulated with ProPel® de-icer accelerator. Optimized for easy spreader application, drastically reducing dust and oversized particles. Triple screened. Professional grade. Exceeds the melt value of a 10% calcium chloride blend.  ea
Manufacturer #IM7752

Ossian Triple Melt® Ice Melter - 50# Bag

Melting Speed: Activar® speeds the conversion of dry ice melting salts to a liquid brine, this process results in faster melting action and a safer surface in less time. When you need to get to a safe surface fast, Triple Melt® with Activar® can get you there & save you money along the way. Sub-zero melting,15% calcium/magnesium chloride agglomerate. Safer for concrete and vegetation. Anti-caking agent.  ea
Manufacturer #IM6450

Ossian Wintergreen® Liquid Ice Melter - 5 Gal.

Applying to sidewalks and traffic areas prior to a winter storm, prevents the bonding of snow and ice. Light snows will melt on contact. Heavy snows will be much easier to remove. Easy on your wallet as well as your vegetation.  ea
Manufacturer #LQ7005WG

Ossian Wintergreen® Pellet Ice Melter - 40# Bag

Designed specifically to combat the problem of grass and vegetation damage. For sub zero conditions.  ea
Manufacturer #IM7040WG

Scotwood Traction Melt® CI Ice & Snow Melter - 50 lb. Bag

Each granule is encapsulated by liquid magnesium chloride for fast-acting, environmentally friendly ice control. Corrosion inhibitor is added to reduce damage to metal surfaces. Ideal for icy situations on the road and where additional traction is needed. Safe on concrete and vegetation when used correctly. Effective in cold temperatures; melts ice down to 0° F. No gloves or masks required.  ea
Manufacturer #TM50