Note what this Cleanlink News article has to say and then call us for a demonstration of the CFR technology on your carpet!

CASE STUDY: Cleaning Carpets With Continuous Flow Recycling Systems

In the professional carpet cleaning industry, there are typically two types of technicians: truckmount loyalists and “those other people”— those who use portable carpet extractors.

However, while they have many benefits, truckmounts cannot be used everywhere. Many times, truckmount loyalists even have to turn away jobs — and lose money — because they do not have a portable extractor handy. This is the conclusion of Bill Coulter, owner of Seattle-based Zimp Carpet Cleaning.

Because of this, Coulter keeps a portable carpet extractor handy as part of his cleaning arsenal, and his machine of choice is the CFR Pro-500.

CFR stands for continuous flow recycling. These systems filter and recycle wastewater up to seven times before they need to be emptied and refilled. This speeds up the cleaning process significantly but still ensures carpets come out clean and healthy.  It also makes carpet cleaning far more sustainable because so much less water is used in the cleaning process.

They also have a uniquely engineered wand system that removes more moisture from carpets in the cleaning process than do comparable portable carpet extractors. This helps carpets to dry quickly and carpeted areas to be put back into service sooner. It also helps reduce the possibility of mold and mildew developing, which can negatively impact indoor air quality.

“This extractor goes where truckmounts can’t,” says Coulter. “For any job above the fourth floor, I have my handy CFR Pro-500 with me.”