Tomcat NANO EDGE®Oscillating Scrubber:

Tomcat’s NANO EDGE® machines gives operators the ability to remove multiple layers of finish, without using chemicals, clean grout lines without breaking a sweat, and clean stairwells with ease, or any other small area application that walk-behind scrubbers can not access due to size. A variety of pads make this a multipurpose machine.  Chemical free floor finish removal, melamine eraser pads, sanding screens, turf scrub pads, and a full variety of every color for every application!

Give New System a call to see the Nano Edge demonstrated at your facility!

EDGE-NANO-HEADONLY-FLOAT nano-edge-scrubbing-bathroom-1x1-application-photo nano-edge-scrubbing-bleachers-1x1-application-photo nano-edge-scrubbing-stairs-1x1-application-photo