Training of custodial workers is frequently cited as a key challenge in the cleaning industry – and the ultimate correlation between effective training and its impact on the overall quality of work produced cannot be overstated.

In addition to addressing work quality, many studies have shown that effective training can also lead to increased employee job satisfaction as well as employee retention no matter what industry is being reviewed.

Having an effectively trained work staff is vitally important to a cleaning organization – but there hasn’t always been a way to deliver training to the cleaning workers in a way which can fit seamlessly into their demanding schedules.

Until now.

Training When, Where and How Your Workers Need It

As stated before, training is a critical component of any quality cleaning program, especially in an industry frequently overwhelmed by high turnover and unskilled workers.

Unfortunately, today’s typical training is ineffective, inefficient and simply unavailable when and where it’s needed most. Thankfully Kaivac solves the training dilemma with KaiTutor, its on-board training and documentation system. With KaiTutor, users can learn quickly – anytime, anywhere.

Skill Building

KaiTutor helps custodial workers excel at job-related activities by delivering critical operational and educational information right when and where it’s needed – on the job. The result is “just-in-time” skill building for improved performance and productivity.

Mounted directly to Kaivac’s cleaning systems, the KaiTutor makes personal training readily available in a stimulating format. Now, even inexperienced workers can quickly become highly productive cleaning professionals, and it’s a convenient way to reinforce prior formal training.

Improving Outcomes through Innovation

Recent innovations like Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning® and OmniFlex™ systems, greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of cleaning. Many organizations can’t exploit these advantages because they lack timely and effective training – especially those with high turnover or an unskilled workforce. KaiTutor, the “anytime, anywhere personal trainer,” facilitates the adoption of new technologies by eliminating these barriers.


The KaiTutor video modules show experts demonstrating best practices in real-world cleaning scenarios. This is perfect for Kaivac’s simple Play-Pause-Practice approach: Play the video; pause it after a procedure is demonstrated; and then go practice it. Repeat as necessary to master the cleaning procedure. Studies show that this method of viewing the video, coupled with hands-on practice, helps students grasp the information more quickly and retain it longer.

Rich Library of Content

Along with the KaiTutor, Kaivac provides an extensive library of information covering such topics as operational procedures, routine maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, machine specific overviews, tips, tricks, and more.

Increased Self Reliance

With instant access expert help, including troubleshooting and repair, users can reduce their dependence on outside suppliers, trainers and service technicians. This not only reduces costs, frustration and down time but it also improves productivity and cleaning outcomes.

Each Kaivac, along with each OmniFlex system, now comes standard with a KaiTutor. Please contact your New System Account Consultant for additional information on this exciting new innovation in training for the cleaning industry.

Kaivac, Inc. was founded in 1997 out of a need to solve the number one building maintenance complaint – dirty restrooms. As long as there have been toilets, janitors have been on their hands and knees swabbing and wiping them clean (or almost clean). No wonder the worker morale has been so low and the turnover rate so high! Bob Robinson, Sr., founder and President of Kaivac, Inc., set out to develop a more dignified yet more productive method of cleaning restrooms.