In any commercial setting, cleaning spaces quickly and efficiently is a necessity to ensure quality and increase your bottom line. When it comes to vacuuming, there are many ways to do it, but almost all forms of vacuuming require you to switch outlets when you run out of power cord. With the brand new CK LW 13/1 Roam, you will never run out of power cord because the machine is battery operated! In addition to being battery operated, you won’t lose out on any suction power, allowing you to clean your spaces uninterrupted with the same (or better) results as your current machine!

Reduce you liabilities from people tripping and falling over power cords.  Increase your productivity. Great for day cleaning when people are moving around the building!

The new Tornado Roam upright will be available soon.  Give us a call at 314.298.7100 or 877.298.7100 to schedule a demonstration as soon as we receive our stock!