Keeping floors clean is a costly and time consuming effort that is necessary for keeping areas clean and maintaining the quality and appearance of the floors one has invested so much in.

In a category all of its own.

With the IPC Eagle SmartVac™ Sweeper one can clean up to 10x’s faster than traditional methods. This is essential in having a productive workforce and maintaining cleaning costs. When budgets are slim and cleaning is essential it’s important that your cleaning machines are working for you, not against you.

Incredible productivity – jobs that took hours, now take minutes.

The battery operated SmartVac™ will vacuum carpet and sweep floors at an incredibly productive rate. It can clean up to 41,000 square feet per hour and last up to 2.5 hours. One issue with multi-surface cleaning is making sure you adjust your machine to properly clean the surface of the floor in which you cleaning. The SmartVac™ automatically adjusts to any surface you might be cleaning, which means any time and energy put into adjusting your machine is obsolete. The SmartVac™ is available in a 24″ and 32″ cleaning path in order to get the right size for the right job.

Another benefit to this machines productivity is its automatic self-cleaning micro dust filter to assure clean indoor air. No time is spent stopping and manually cleaning a clogged filter. The SmartVac™ takes care that it is always up to performing. If a small storage area or transportation of the SmartVac™ is necessary the handle is easily adjustable.

See why the IPC Eagle SmartVac™ is the #1 selling sweeper in the industry!