Brute® Round Containers & Accessories

32-55 gallon containers, lids, dolly and caddy bag.

Marshal® Container - 25 Gal., Brown

Available in various sizes and colors. Includes retainer hardware for securing polyliner bags. Textured finish helps minimize appearance of surface scratches.  ea
Manufacturer #8170-88-BR

PRO-LINK® Ranger® Container - 35 Gal., Brown

Factory Mutual approved for fire safety. Built to withstand extreme weather. Ideal for fast food restaurants, municipal parks, playgrounds and stadiums. Permanently attached tops.  ea
Manufacturer #8430-BR

Untouchable® Half Round Container - 21 Gal.

Half round, round, square containers and lids.  ea
Manufacturer #3520

Continental Huskee™ Round Receptacles

Molded with seamless construction, the Huskee™ is a strong, long lasting receptacle that is used everywhere. From food prep to foundries, from refuse to bio-hazard waste, the Huskee™ keeps on working. Stackable with lid on, nestable with lid off.

Continental King Kan® Receptacles

Won't dent, crack, chip or warp even under the roughest conditions. Lids feature two heavy-duty plated steel hinges, which eliminate awkward lifting, removing and repositioning of the lid. The lid sits tightly on the base to control odors, insects and pests. Great for indoor and outdoor use. FM approved. Fire resistant.

Continental Roun'Top™ Receptacle - 24 Gal., Brown

With absolutely no metal parts, these containers are safe for secure areas in hospitals or prison systems. Factory Mutual Fire Approved, designed to contain and extinguish a fire, assuring safety. Removable top allows easy access. Unique "key-way" notch secures poly liners with no clumsy straps to snag liners. Weather-proof design allows outdoor use with confidence.  ea
Manufacturer #1425-BN

Continental Swingline™ Square Waste Receptacles & Lids

The rolled rim provides strength and a convenient area to lift or pull. Reinforced base will take rough commercial use and they nest for easy storage. Compatible with the Tip Top, Swing Top or Drop Shot lids. Drop shot lids have two door, center drop design with counter-weighted flippers open easily and close automatically. Large opening will accommodate up to a sixteen inch pizza box, perfect for high volume areas. The Swing Top lids opening makes refuse disposal easy. Peaked design is counter-weighted and automatically closes to hide trash. Sloped surfaces discourage cigarettes and burn discoloration. Tip top lids have gravity, hands-free opening which encourages use and automatically closes to hide trash. No metal parts to rust or break.

Drum top for 55 gal. Drum, MT32, SBR52 or H55 - Empire Green

24.5" Dia.  EA
Manufacturer #1855-EG

Rubbermaid® BRUTE® Container Lids

Lids are constructed with the highest quality material; a UV inhibitor ensures long life in even the most extreme commercial environments. Lids come in a variety of different styles, including self-draining, dome top, and funnel.

Rubbermaid® Slim Jim® Bottle & Can Recycling Top - Green

Hygienic tops for attractive, hands-free waste disposal. Easy hygienic access for trash disposal. Recycling Lid Option for sorting. 20 3/8" L x 11 5/16" W x 2 3/4" H. Fits Containers: 3540, 3541, 3554.  4/cs
Manufacturer #2692-88-GR

Rubbermaid® Untouchable® Half Round Cont. -21 Gal., Gray

Durable and crack resistant, even under tough indoor/outdoor conditions. Perfect for hotel lobbies, offices, restrooms, shopping malls, restaurants and other public locations. Hygienic tops sold separately for attractive hands-free waste management. Drop and swing lid designs provide easy access for refuse disposal and quickly return to hide refuse from public view. Controls waste, odors and insects.  4/cs
Manufacturer #3520-LG

Designer Line™ Waste Receptacle w/Steel Liner-12 Gal, SS

Heavy gauge powder coated, fire-safe steel. Protective vinyl trim on all side disposal openings. The bottom rim on all models has been carefully designed to protect floors. Indoor use only. The Metallic Steel Designer Line provides functional litter control while retaining an elegant setting. Galvanized Steel Liner.  EA
Manufacturer #SO16SSS

Designer Line™ Waste Receptacle w/Steel Liner - Black

Ideally suited for upscale environments, the European Steel Designer Line features clean lines with elegant accents. 18" W x 32" H x 9" Dp. 9 Gallon Capacity. Rigid Plastic Liner.  EA
Manufacturer #SO8-20B