KaiVac® 2750 No-Touch Cleaning™ System - 27 Gal.

Hygienically remove soil, germs, urine and other indoor pollutants that traditional cleaning tools like mops and wipes leave behind. 27 Gal., 130" waterlift, 112 CFM. 110 Volt - 60 Hz, 14.5 amp, GFCI, 1 GPM, 500 psi. Molded-in chemical holder: Gallon (3), Quart (1).  ea
Manufacturer #KV27501

Karcher® SG2 C Bp Gum Remover

The innovative solution that vaporizes gum with heat. Safe to use on stone, concrete and even carpet. Long-life lithium battery for up to 8 hours. 8" x 16.5" x 11"; Weighs 14 lbs. No cords or water required.  ea
Manufacturer #10130240

KaiVac® OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac Food Service Deluxe

Manufacturer #ODVFD

KaiVac® OmniFlex™ AutoVac™ Battery Powered System

A really fast, simple approach to clean, safe floors. It's as fast and effective as an autoscubber without the added cost or complexity. Vac tank: 11.5 gal.; Vac CFM: 62; Vac motor lift: 77". Vac tank cleanout: 100% via dump/drain hose. Lithium-ion Smart Battery Box. 5 microfiber pads.  ea
Manufacturer #AUTOVACBATT

Tornado® VS4 Steam Cleaner

A compact and robust steam cleaner which offers outstanding power and sanitizing benefits. Chemical-free, deep steam cleaning without harsh detergents. Steam tank: 0.6 gal.; Reserve tank: 0.5 gal. Power: 120V/60Hz; Max pressure: 87 psi. Max temperature: 293° F; Steam quantity: 2.6 oz per minute.  ea
Manufacturer #97102

Karcher® WV 50 Cordless Window & Flat Surface Vacuum

Vacuum nozzle 280 mm. Lithium ion battery. Battery charger. Working width nozzle: 11"; Voltage: 120; Hz: 60. Container contents: Wastewater 3.5 oz. Battery Charge time required: 3 hours; run time: 20 min.  ea
Manufacturer #16331090

KaiVac® 1250 No-Touch Cleaning™ System - 500 PSI

The KaiVac 1200 series are the smallest No-Touch Cleaning systems yet, they deliver the same industrial strength capabilities as our other systems. Perfect for smaller jobs or facilities, the 1200 series is compact, lightweight and easy to maneuver. In fact, it's able to fit on many standard janitors' carts. 12 gallon water tank. Vac Tank: 8 Gal.  ea
Manufacturer #1250
Green Green

KaiVac® 2150 No-Touch Cleaning™ System - 21 Gal.

Has a 21 gallon fresh water tank and 19 gallon recovery tank. 51" H x 32" L x 24" W; 21 Gal., 113" waterlift, 107 CFM. 110 Volt - 60 Hz, 14.5 amp, GFCI, 1 GPM, 500 psi. Molded-in chemical holder: Gallon (2), Quart (2).  ea
Manufacturer #2150

KaiVac® KaiFly™ Complete System

High volume flat surface cleaning with zero cross-contamination. Scientifically proven to clean at least six times better than towels or wipes. Motorized sprayer, quart bottle. Holster with Velcro belt loop. Squeegee, trowel and 5 microfiber pads, 1 monster hook.  ea
Manufacturer #KAIFLY

KaiVac® KaiGrouter™ Tool

Blast ground in dirt from grout lines and more with this tool.  ea
Manufacturer #KAIGROUTER

KaiVac® 1750 No-Touch Cleaning™ System - 1 GPM, 500 psi

Workers simply spray cleaning solution on fixtures and floors, and then blast the soils to the floor with a high-pressure water spray. Finally, they vacuum the floor dry, completely removing soils and bacteria. The results are sparkling clean restrooms, kitchens, stairwells and many other areas without ever having to touch soiled, contaminated surfaces. No-Touch cleaning combines an indoor pressure washer, chemical injection and wet vacuum technologies onto a single space-efficient platform. 40" H x 28" L x 22" W; 17 Gal., 108" waterlift, 112 CFM. 110 Volt - 60 Hz, 14.5 amp, GFCI.  ea
Manufacturer #KV17501

KaiVac® SystemSURE PLUS™ ATP Measurement System

ATP testing makes it possible to show just how clean surfaces are by detecting the level of microbial contamination on surfaces in just seconds. Designed with state of the art electronics. Palm sized system is easy to use. Extremely sensitive and very affordable.  ea
Manufacturer #KAIATP

KaiVac® Trowel w/Handle

Part of KaiFly system.  ea
Manufacturer #KAITROWEL

KaiVac® Ultrasnap™ ATP Surface Test

User friendly, self contained ATP testing swab.  ea
Manufacturer #SWAB

Long Handle Motor Scrubber™ - 48" Telescopic

Includes scrubber head & handle, backpack & battery, 5 ft. coil cord, padholder, an assortment of the most popular interchangeable "twist-lock" scrub brushes, battery charger, and complete operating instructions and warranty. Battery provides up to 4 hours of "start & stop" use on a single charge. Cleans where there is no electricity! Compact and portable for all those hard-to-reach spots! Scrubber head is immersible in water! Lightweight (only 3 lbs.) w/comfortable "soft-grip" handle. 12-volt rechargeable backpack battery (only 6 lbs.).  ea
Manufacturer #MS1000

Tornado® BR 13/1MW Multi-Purpose Scrubber - 13"

Low-moisture, multi-purpose scrubber for hard and soft floors. Perfect for eco-friendly encapsulation carpet cleaning for commercial grade carpets. 1 hp brush motor. 650 rpm. 2 counter-rotating cylindrical brushes.  ea
Manufacturer #99410