The USA Today, May 7, 2017, reports an outbreak of a drug resistant fungus called Candida auris. The CDC is recommending the use of an EPA approved product that is effective against C.diff as a means to clean and disinfect areas within a facility that has been contaminated.

Athea Laoratories #160 Cdiff™ Disinfectant Tablets are effective against C.diff and meet the CDC recommentation.

Here is a link to the CDC page on this recommendation. Scroll all the way to the bottom and find the heading “How should rooms of patients with C.auris be cleaned?”

Cdiff™ Disinfectant Tablets kill C.diff and other organisms in four minutes. Utilizing a pH-neutral solution and sodium troclosene as the active ingredient, the tablets provide the efficacy of a broad-spectrum disinfectant while being safer to use than bleach.

Download the Athea C.diff™ Brochure here.

Download the C.diff™ Disinfectant Tablets Technical Data Sheet here.

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