Why order ice melt now?

Due to a harsh winter last year, ice melt supplies were depleted nationwide.  Manufacturers and suppliers have not been able to restock supplies fast enough and thus ice melt products will be in short supply this winter.

This story on KMOX radio explains this problem from a municipality perspective.  Some request for quotes have come back with no quotes from suppliers, because they have little or no product, and do not know what the price of the products will be once we are in the winter season.


New System has secured some product and we currently have supplies of Quik Thaw (a tinted ice melt blend), Peladow (Calcium Chloride pellets), and Rock Salt.  We encourage you to place your orders NOW, during July and August.  This will ensure you get product and the best possible pricing for this year.  The longer you wait, the higher your cost will be, and you stand the chance of not being able to secure ice melt at all!