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    Windsor just announced they have increased the warranty for their Armada carpet extractor to two years! That’s right two years bumper-to-bumper! This walk-behind, cleans in …Read More »


    Pro-Link’s Full Cycle® floor pad line now holds Green Seal’s GS-20 Certification for Environmental Innovation and Product Performance! This certification acknowledges that Pro-Link Full Cycle® …Read More »
  • Electrostatic Spraying

    Electrostatic Spraying

    Battery-powered electrostatic sprayers have swept onto the scene. They are especially effective when disinfecting large areas to prevent the spread of illness.  Please contact us …Read More »
  • If a little is good….alot is better.  WRONG!

    If a little is good….alot is better. WRONG!

    A daycare center in Columbia, TN found out the hard way that mixing floor care products too strong is not a good idea. Click here …Read More »

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Unger Stingray is Now Here!

New System is proud to announce the launch of the Unger Stingray – The Ultimate Indoor Cleaning Tool.  The Stingray is the best way to clean interior windows, mirrors, and other flat surfaces.  You can even clean above desks and other work areas without the fear of drips or drops!

The Unger Stingray cleans 25% faster […]

January 14th, 2016|

Vacuum Unplugged!

For a limited time, through February 29, 2016, we are offering a special promotion on the new Tornado Vac-Pac 6 Roam!  

With the new Roam we are able to offer cleaning professionals something they have been looking for, a battery operated back pack vacuum with unrivaled comfort. No longer tied to a power cord, team […]

January 7th, 2016|